Send Custom Emails to Your Volunteers

Modified on Fri, May 24 at 11:57 AM

Heads up! This article is intended for Site Managers. If you're a Program Facilitator looking for more information about how to review your Programs, click here!

You're going to have a lot of great content and information to share with your volunteers! One great way to share that information is through email blasts. With the email blasts tool, you can customize your messages and select exactly who you want to notify! In this article, we'll go over: 

What are email blasts? 

Email blasts are a great tool you can access from your Site Manager panel by navigating to Communication > Email Blast.

You can use this tool to: 

  • Congratulate volunteers who've reached a benchmark 
  • Celebrate and share the amazing impacts your volunteers are making on the community 
  • Share important news or updates 
  • Check-in on volunteers who haven't accessed the site in a while
  • Any other exciting or important information you want to share with your community of volunteers
  • Send important information to a group of volunteers that you've selected with the user filter
    • You can filter by similar skills 
    • Maybe you only want to email volunteers who have responded to a certain opportunity, then you'd use the user filter, etc.

How to use the user filter 

To use the User Filter, navigate to Communication > Email Blast and click User Filter

  • The number in the parenthesis is the number of users currently on your site. 
    • This number updates when you apply filters. 
  • Once you've selected all of the filters you want to apply, click Submit

  • You can click View Users beside the Save User Filter button to see who the User Filter has included.
    • This opens up a new page with the users that you've filtered to. 
      • They receive the email blast. 
  • You can always save this filter for future use by clicking Save User Filter

Sending an email blast

After you set up your filters, it's time to customize your email blast! 

  • Be sure to name your campaign! 

  • We recommend using the email as the From email. 

  • Now, customize the subject line and body of the email! 

✅ Best practice: Please only click the template key to insert it.

  • You can send yourself a test email to see what it looks like before sending it to your volunteers! 
    • You can also save the email by clicking the red Save Email button. 

  • When you're ready, click Send Email Blast to send it to your volunteers!